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Katalog Nyheter Kontakta oss Mitt konto Varukorgen Kassa
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Note: It is recommended that you read this information before downloading songs from this site. If you download to a cellphone, Mac, or other device that is not a PC (Windows), you must make shure that your gadget has the correct programs to unpack ZIP-files.

Important info about your download link:
Payments can be processed secure by PAYSON (card, internet bank, Payson account). Be sure to click CONTINUE all the way until you return to our site where you will find your download link.

1.) Complete your order at our site to be confirmed and e-mailed to your e-mail account !
2.) Return to our download site where your download will be found !

By clicking "Continue" at the Payson site, you will be re-directed to your download links. If you miss that detail your order will or might be delayed.

What is Mp3+G ?!
Mp3+G is simply a compressed audio file (Mp3) and a text file (CDG) that might be played at the same time in a laptop or a compatible USB karaoke player in order to sing in the same way as with an ordinary karaoke disc. You can use the Mp3 only without the CDG file if you prefer that.

Help - I did not recieve a download link !
If you were not re-directed to our site and your download link, you did not followed the instructions above. Contact us *Here* in order to specify your songs and recieve them in your email !

These files are instrumental without lead vocal but may contain background vocals such as choir or second vocal. The files are in zip format. If downloaded to a PC, just double click or rightclick on a file in order to open it. For Mac you might need an opening program for zipfiles. If you download these files to a cell phone, make sure your cell phone can handle zipfiles correctly !

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